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Best periods for trekking in Morocco

Morocco is a land of mountains. High level ground, where the summits exceed 2000m, covers in fact 10000 km square. A key element in this brilliant ensemble, the high atlas unfolds its peaks over more than 700km. It includes a dozen summits exceeding 4000m and more than 400 reaching 3000m. Of all the mountain sports practiced in Morocco, trekking ( on foot or on ski) is the best adapted to the natural and human potential of the high atlas and other mountain ranges; vast and little frequented areas open for discovery, an exceptional network of mule tracks, grandiose and varied scenery; easily accessible summits, even those in the 4000m range; incomparable climate and hours of sunshine, absence of galciersand everlasting snow. In addition, trekking allows contact with a proud and hospitable population which has kept its ancestral traditions, particularly in the field of architecture, dress and dance.

All year round trekking is possible in the high atlas mountains, although the ideal period is from April to October. In the height of summer it is advisable to plan trips in the upper valleys, where water is always abundant. The best season for tackling the canyons is from june to October. In the summer violent storms can temporarily render the passage through the gorges impracticable.

Ski-trekking, or rather the well-known combination ‘ mule-ski’, specific to the high atlas, can be carried out from the beginning of Februaryto the end of April. The lower snow line rises quickly above 2055m on the north face and 3000m on the south face, but late in the season one can often descend to a very low altitude by making use of the well-protected ravines of the northern slopes.

In the Rif and the middle atlas, lower mountain ranges characterized by fine woods of cedar and holm-oak, autumn and spring are the ideal seasons for walking. From December to February, given good snow conditions, the cedar woods of the middle atlas limestone plateau offer an incomparable region for cross-country skiing. From November to May, the pre-sahara massifs of the sirwa and sarho, with mineral environment can be covered on foot in the very heart of a strange and jagged landscape.