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Top 5 Frequently asked questions

1. How difficult are the treks?
2. What is the weather like?
3. What kind of clothes is needed for trekking?
4. Should I bring trekking equipment with me?
5. Is tipping included and if not, how much should I budget?


Frequently Asked Questions TREKKING & CLIMBING

1-What kind of overnight accommodation is used during the treks?
2-Where do we eat our meals and what kind of food is available?
3-What is the best time for trekking?
4-Do you provide any equipment while trekking?
5-What problems can arise on altitude?
6-What happens in case of emergency?
7-Can we change the itinerary?
8-Do you arrange private treks?



1-Do you employ local people wherever possible?
2-Do you ensure that the local people are given a fair price for their work or service?
3-How can I cancel my booking?
4-How can I pay?
5-Can I pay by credit card?
6-I'm too late with paying my booking. Will my booking continue?


Frequently Asked Questions MOROCCO

1-What is the best time to travel to Morocco?
2-What are the formalities for entering Morocco?
3-What is the local currency in Morocco?
4-What language is spoken?
5-Would it be wise to bring some sort of medication for stomach discomfort?