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Jbel Toubkal (4167m) Mount Toubkal is the highest point of the High Atlas , Morocco and North Africa with 4167 m. It is located 65 km south of Marrakech, in the Province of Al Haouz, inside the national park that bears its name. It is one of the best destinations for trekking in morocco

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The Jebel Sahro or adrar Saghro is the summit situated at 2712 m above sea level. It is located less than 100 km south of the central High Atlas; overlooking the valley of the Draa and Dades, eastern Anti-Atlas. This small mountain range between the isolated chain Central High Atlas and the vast expanses of the Sahara, is close to the Dades Valley.

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The Jebel Sirwa is considered as the link between the High Atlas and Anti-Atlas, Mount Sirwa or Siroua is a high and dismantled very large volcano from which emerges singularly dykes and pellets of black lava. Sirwa culminates at 3305m. It extends over 350 km2 and consists of both green valleys, stone villages, cliffs, gorges, plateaus and alpine meadows. It offers an impressive view of the vast Sahara

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The Jebel Mgoun is located in the central part of the High Atlas. On the administrative point of view it belongs to the province of Ouarzazate. It culminates at 4068 m altitude. Mount Ighil M'Goun is a popular destination for trekkers even if it does not have the same prestige as the Toubkal. Accidents during its ascent are rare given the relatively low altitude of this mountain and the lack of glacier.

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A Sahara Trek , with or without the option of a camel ride, offers tourists the chance to explore the desert, travel along the Old Salt Road and learn something of the history and culture of the desert Nomads and Berbers. For camel treks no riding skills or expertise is required! We offer four Desert Tours, all of which can be adapted to suit your needs, time available and interests.

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Trekking in Morocco

trekking morocco toubkal summit winterMt Toubkal 4167m is calling you!

We will offer all you need to spend a perfect and a lifetime experience that you have never imagined. We are passionate about trekking in Morocco , and there is no better way to discover Atlas Mountains, its culture, and meet its people, than on foot! Whether you are travelling in our small guided groups, alone or with friends, our hand picked programs ensure you will have an amazing trek! Come & Trekking in Morocco with us!

One of the best trekking areas in Morocco is Toubkal region. As you know, Mt Toubkal is the highest peak in North Africa and in Morocco. It is not that far away from Marrakech city. It takes around 1h30 drive to Imlil valley which is the closer starting point of trekking tours towards this highest peak in Morocco. You would need at least 2 days so as to climb up Mt Toubkal, but this is possible if you are fit enough; otherwise it would be better to opt for the 3 days trek which will give enough time to acclimitize and relax after the climb!

In addition to trekking in toubkal, you can do other outdoor activities such as mountain biking which can be done from 1 day trip up to 6 days mountain biking around the high atlas mountains and berber villages & valleys. Moreover, you can do ski touring in the high atlas mountains in winter time from end of December till March; we have off piste skiing tours from 2 days up to 6 days skiing in toubkal area.

We have other outdoor activities such as horse riding & camel riding in high atlas mountains; we have days trips or long trips too!

Another thing, Toubkal area is not the only region where we run our tours, but there are other nice places too such as Mt Mgoun, Mt Siroua, Mt Saghro, Sahara, and Imperial cities!


trekking morocco Berber village mountainsTrekking through Atlas Mountains in Morocco. The High Atlas is one of three components of the chain of the Moroccan's Atlas. This marks a massive climatic border between the lands of the ocean and those of Moroccan desert , because beyond the High Atlas, the arid expanses of the Sahara begins. Highlight and emblematic site in the region, Jebel Toubkal peaks at over 4000 meters altitude, a visible peak from Marrakech! The High Atlas divides itself into various more or less ancient geological areas and landscapes of this region are as rich and varied between spectacular formation born of chaos reliefs to plateaus and valleys cultivated by the Berber population, who inhabited these places for thousands of years.

sahara trekking in moroccoThe Moroccan Sahara is mainly made up of a big rocky plain, which runs from the feet of the Atlantis on the North/East almost to the Atlantic coast, south of Agadir. In Morocco, the desert moves smoothly, the Draa Valley or Wadi Ziz strung a string of villages and lush palm groves, before losing in the dunes of the erg (Chebbi or labidia), which lie at the foot highland last relief before Algeria.Even within the desert you can enjoy different landscapes: the dry, thorny plain where jackals and camels live, the Sahara desert: reign of scorpions and snakes or the northern oasis full of bustle and life. The choice is yours. Trekking in Morocco's sahara is a lifetime experience!

A trip to the sahara desert is definitely an experience everyone should do at least once in his life. The beauty of the desert, its contrasts, its colors, its silence, many memories you will never forget. You walk on foot in the desert with camels carrying your luggage and supplies , and a professional guide as well as a cook who prepares delicious food for your everyday. It is a marvellous experience, just give it a try! come & join us in trekking in morocco's desert in winter time!