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Tipping in Morocco

The tipping culture is very strong in Morocco. Many people expect a tip from Tourists after delivering a service, especially at Hotels, Restaurants, Transport, trekking guides & staff.

Also, you can give a tip to anyone who will carry your bags, or showing you your way if you are lost, or any other small service.

Make sure you always have the money change in your pocket. It serves on multiple occasions. Remember that wages are also generally very low and that tips are a way to supplement a person's income. Sometimes the tips can be up to 100% of a salary!

It is best to give the tip in local currency, this will prevent you from doing the exchange, which is not always easy for some. You should exchange money at the airport and ask for small coins.

If you are planning to make trekking tours or day trips, it is advisable to chire the services of the local guides who expect to be tipped after the trek or the excursion.

For local guides - drivers, muleteers & cooks, the amounts are given either per day per person, even if the formula is frequently indicated "the tips are left to your discretion." The more your group is, the less you will have to give.

For exemple, after a trek in the high atlas mountains, the local team which is usually composed of local guides, mule drivers & cooks expect a good tip from clients at the end of the trek. So, regardless of the length of the trek or the number of clients in the group, our company has set the following tipping guidelines:

For a guide, you can tip him from 65 euros ( from the whole group) up to whatever you want!

For a mule driver, you can give him from 30 euros ( from the whole group) up to whatever you want!

For a cook, you can tip him from 40 euros ( from the whole group) up to whatever you want!

These guidelines are expected from groups of 5 clients upwards. If it's less than 5 clients, then it's up to the clients to give whatever they want according to their budget!

Finally, tipping is not a must, but if it is given , it will be much appreciated by local staff!